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The Case™

Finally, You Can Take Your Phone In the shower!
Finally, You Can Take Your

Phone In The


Drii Case is 100% airtight, waterproof and easy to use. Binge the newest shows on Netflix, stream your favorite playlists on Spotify or even FaceTime your partner.

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Waterproof 💧

Water and splash proof for your bath, shower, kitchen & more!

Text & Call 👀

Use your touchscreen to text or call without any problems!

Binge TV 🍿

Watch your favorite shows or movies with perfect audio.

Play Games 👾

Play your favorite games without getting your phone wet!

Waterproof & Anti-Fog

Drii Case features a 360° waterproof tight seal that ensures your phone stays 100% dry whilst allowing you to watch your favorite TV shows or scroll through Tiktok without any frustrating condensation clouding up the screen.

Text & Call

Drii Case is the perfect solution for anyone who likes to multi-task in the shower or just wants to stay connected even when they’re getting clean. Featuring a 0.25mm high sensitivity touch screen you’ll be able to type out those text messages, finish those emails or accept a FaceTime call even with damp hands!

No Tools, Easy Installation

You will have Drii Case installed in no time at all using our easy 4 step process that is essentially: place, stick and use. The bonus? Drii Case uses a non-marking, super strong adhesive that leaves no marks!